General Questions

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Cryptocurrency is virtual money that is able to access as a medium of exchange at the level of person-to-person, letting direct payments between people. It uses the process of cryptography to secure and verify transactions as well as to keep the creation in control through new units of a specific cryptocurrency. Also, there are many cryptocurrencies that people called coins. Cryptocurrency uses decentralized ways which are not controlled by the government.

They are known for their huge security and anonymity to the greatest level. Transactions of getting or giving funds cannot be facked nor kept. Also, fees in cryptocurrency are at the lowest level, for reliable than the traditional currency in the marketplace. It is decentralized because it can be available to everyone and everywhere.

They are not determined by a central authority like a bank or other authorities internationally. The basic demand and supply quoted by the investors of the specific network determined its price.

Blockchain refers to a distributed ledger, which merely is a ledger that is spread across the network along with all peers in it. Furthermore, each peer has a copy of the complete ledger. In other words, blockchain is a collection of data.

You can put your crypto coin in a wallet that you make when you start trading. Making an e-wallet is one of the primary steps. A wallet in cryptocurrency is a virtual place for your safe and secure cryptocurrencies storage. Every cryptocurrency has a specific wallet.